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Choose Your Foundation

Tell us what you would currently like to focus on most, and help us customize your dashboards and layout. This will give your simple Dynamics 365 CRM system a more customized look.
You can always change this later, as your business grows and changes.

Which best describes your focus today?

  • sales
  • Increase
    My Sales

  • Best For: Bringing in new sales opportunities and turning prospects into customers.

  • More Info
  • Identify Prospective Buyers
  • Anticipate Customer Needs
  • Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences
  • pipeline
  • Manage My
    Sales Pipeline

  • Best For: Improving your sales process or managing a sales team.

  • More Info
  • Nurture leads
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting
  • Leverage Customer Data
  • customer
  • Manage My
    Current Customers

  • Best For: Staying on top of recurrent sales and nurturing ongoing client relationships.

  • More Info
  • Lead Scoring Analytics
  • Anticipate Customer Needs
  • Create Customer Loyalty

How many people will use your CRM?

Users will have access to your CRM system, typically business owner, sales, and admin/billing staff require access
Only $75/user per month!
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Professional base license cost
(MSRP $78/user per month)
Next, let’s add a few configurations!